Short sale buying Part Deuce

By Brian Petersheim at Monday, August 26, 2013 , in category

Ok.. so back for more....
Where did we leave off? Oh yes... Buying a short sale isn't for everybody..

There can be some great deals to be found but folks that have a certain timeline may want to stay away from them...
Many Canadians or Snowbirds that are flying down and shopping for a weekend may want to stay away from them also. If the purchase were to fall through next week or next month, they could be 2000 miles away and have to start from scratch

Which buyers do short sales work best for? Investors who are happy about the general size/price and location. Investors fare well because they are not "attached" to the home..

For a seasoned investor, being their agent, I would recommend them making offers on 4-5 similar short sale properties at the same time, even if they want just one or two. Just playing the odds, there is no way that all 4 will be short sold at the listing price..

I do have a few more tips and tricks to get YOUR offer accepted, but posting them on the Internet isn't the place to go over them!

Brian Petersheim