Phoenix area Real Estate AND POOLS?

By Brian Petersheim at Tuesday, September 20, 2016 , in category

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I am a Real estate guy with a dry sense of humor that may or may not show through in my blog posts, not a pool guy. The purpose of the previous sentence is that I am not a professional pool guy but I have sold enough homes with pools that can give some good advice!

The next disclaimer is that in this post, I am talking about the homes in the area of Phoenix. This of course includes the cities everyone has heard of like: Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Glendale,Peoria, Sun City, Tempe, Fountain Hills and Paradise Valley.

Other homes still considered in the "Phoenix area" are more rural cities like Maricopa, Queen Creek, San Tan, Florence and Coolidge. These ones are on the outskirts of the city complex and it may take an hour to an hour and 15 minutes to drive from those cities to downtown Phoenix.

So.... Lets talk numbers-

All the homes in the Phoenix Metro area currently for sale (single family detached only) no condos, no manufactured and no townhomes-16,636 homes currently on the market looking for offers
All the homes in the Phoenix Metro area currently UNDER CONTRACT(single family detached only) no condos, no manufactured and no townhomes-9088 homes under contract (process of being sold)

Out of the 16636 available homes:
233 are shortsales
209 are foreclosures
16194 are regular sales

The least expensive home in the Phoenix Metro area is approx $100,000. There may be cheaper but they may be condos,manufactured or something that is not habitable. $100,000 is a good starting point. The $100,000 home is a 3bed/2bath in a suburb of Phoenix named Coolidge AZ.

The most expensive is a mansion in Paradise Valley for $25,000,000. It is 7 bedrooms/12 bathrooms and 25,416 sqft. It is definitely worth seeing the pictures. If you want to see them, email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Now on to the POOLS! That is why you are reading right?

Sooooo.... Out of the 16636 homes that are available, how many have pools? The answer is 5,642!

There are several types of pools that the listings may contain. The most common type of inground pool is a play pool.
Play pools are your basic pool. They are generally 3-6 feet deep, and used in the summer to cool off for the AZ heat.
Play pool

A lesser seen pool is a lap pool. Of the 5642 homes with pools, only 112 are lap pools
Lap pool

Diving pools are less common and more expensive than play pools. The added costs has to do with a deeper hole, and more plaster to pour in the hole! Of the 5642 homes with pools, only 862 are diving pools.
Diving pool

A heater pool is a must for snowbirds or winter visitors that want to swim in the winter time. Even though we are in the "Valley of the Sun", it still gets nippy during the winter and anyone that is not part polar bear may want to consider a pool heater! Of the 5642 homes with pools, 1595 homes have pools with heaters.

Numbers at a glance:
16636 Homes available
5642 Home with pools
112 homes with LAP pools
862 homes with DIVING pools
1595 Homes with heated pools

Bottom line: Basic play pool can be built for $15-20,000.
The pools are made from plaster unless you upgrade to a pebbletech finish (increased price)
The size and depth can be increased (prices also)
A heater and/or in floor cleaning system can be added (price increases)
A water fall, grotto, fire features are also upgrades that can be ordered.

Basic play pool- approx $20,000. Nicely upgraded pool 32,000+++

By the way, the pool pictured at the very top of this post is a pool from the $25,000,000 listing!

Drop me a line or call @ 602.206.9644 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let me know if you find this info useful. Maybe give me some ideas about future blog posts!

Cheers, Brian Petersheim- Realtor Homesmart