Maricopa Buyers?

By Brian Petersheim at Tuesday, September 23, 2014 , in category

Buying homes in Maricopa is something that needs to be researched. Please don't show up to a gunfight with a knife. What happened in 2006? 2010? 2014? What will happen tomorrow?
The truth is, no one can answer a question about tomorrow, but we can analyze the cycle and let our buyers make an informed decision.

If a Maricopa buyer were to ask me to contrast the market years past and present, I would say 2010-seller’s market, 2012 level or normal market and 2014 Buyer’s market.
Wouldn’t that be great information if you wanted to look at homes this weekend? Hmm….. We are in a buyer’s market, so I will see plenty of homes and the sellers should be fighting over my offer. There is an over abundance of homes with many seller’s property on the market for months with no good offers!

When buying a Maricopa home, I would focus on foreclosures and resales and put short sales on a back burner because there is no difference in price. The few short sales that are available are very close to market price. There are a few instances where short sales would be advantageous to a buyer like an investor, or someone that is willing to wait the bank out!
This is a lot of information to read and remember. Please don’t feel the need to make notes. When I take a prospective Maricopa buyer out, driving house to house, I talk about each showing in specifics and type of sale is usually a pro or con. By the second day of looking, the buyers are on top of the differences and we can help narrow the list!