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Prices in Maricopa subdivisions vary greatly per sqft

By Brian at Friday, September 23, 2016 , in category

If you had to guess which of the Maricopa subdivisions had the least expensive homes for sale, which would it be? Would you be surprised to learn on average, the least expensive homes are in a subdivision NORTH of the tracks?


There are definitely some great affordable homes in Maricopa.
Senita and Palo Brea have some of the lease expensive homes currently for sale
The Villages has a great price per sqft for the Amenities in the subdivision.
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Phoenix area Real Estate AND POOLS?

By Brian at Tuesday, September 20, 2016 , in category

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

I am a Real estate guy with a dry sense of humor that may or may not show through in my blog posts, not a pool guy. The purpose of the previous sentence is that I am not a professional pool guy but I have sold enough homes with pools that can give some good advice!

The next disclaimer is that in this post, I am talking about the homes in the area of Phoenix. This of course includes the cities everyone has heard of… Read more



Maricopa Real Estate by the NUMBERS!

By Brian at Wednesday, August 24, 2016 , in category

These numbers were compiled on 8/24/16.

But first: The Prologue...

Holding an open house on a lovely Wednesday afternoon, (sure, I know there won't be many visitors) maybe some nosy neighbors that haven't seen this specific floorplan or they are looking for decorating ideas.

I got a strange hankering to crunch some numbers, specifically for our lovely little piece of Paradise!

Here are the numbers as of 8/24/16. These numbers only focus on the homes in HOA'ed subdivisions, since the non HOA areas are so diverse.
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Quarterly statistics.. Pinal county AZ

By Brian at Sunday, August 11, 2013 , in category

Below is what the County itself says about the past quarter real estate statistics...
I said the same thing but in my own remedial, country bumpkin accent..

Down and dirty... Prices have gone up 40% in the past year. There are very few shortsales and foreclosures on the market now. 90% of the listings are regular/investor flips,

Home Prices in Pinal Remain Steady over Last Quarter

Sales volume and prices level off after recent gains

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